Category: Redesign the Netherlands

  • Lalalaw


    Perception and actual data combined. The team established that an initiator has to deal with several layers of rules and regulations around each location. In addition there are interested parties whose viewpoint has to be taken into account in order to create support for a plan. This lead to the following solution: To begin with…

  • De leegstand voorbij

    De leegstand voorbij

    Smarter matching supply and demand. The team looked for an answer to the problem of a vacant location (in this case) at a farm in Bladel. The solution was to co-creatively bring supply and demand together. A platform was devised to display a location’s characteristics. It’s all about matching the initiator’s proposal with what the…

  • uDNA


    On to the ideal DNA of a location. The team developed a way to generate feedback about a location via an app and QR-code. This makes it possible to understand how a situation is perceived. According to the team this provides planners and policy makers with an instrument that promotes action based on instant and real-time information.…