Category: Science Hack Day

  • CropHubs


    Science Hack Day Eindhoven 2016 – Startup Summer School + 1st prize Imagine you can grow your own lettuce in a fun way, experiment with it and collaborate with others to get the best out of your lettuce. CrobHubs can give you exactly this. It is a platform for domestic farmers to make growing fruits…

  • Smell of Data

    Smell of Data

    Science Hack Day Eindhoven – Startup Summer School + 2nd prize The sense of smell has helped early humans to survive. But since our hunting and gathering has moved to the digital environment our noses can’t warn us anymore for the lurking dangers of the online wilderness. The Smell of Data will become a new…

  • XBoxing


    Science Hack Day Eindhoven 2016 – Startup Summer School + 2nd prize XBoxing used old tires to create an interactive game for children. This was developed with Arduino and S4A (educational software) that allowed developing a game that challenges the ability to give blows to the tires in a specific time. This game allows children…

  • DNI


    Science Hack Day Eindhoven 2016 – Mobility prize winner DNI, the DNA of your Identity stored in a blockchain and belongs to you: your ID, your milestones, your trades. Fully encrypted. You own i,t so you control it. It is us authorising companies and governments to use it. Systems will change, we will change, the economy will change; it…

  • Living L.I.F.E.

    Living L.I.F.E.

    Living L.I.F.E. is a collaboration between The Living City and L.I.F.E.. The Living City is concerned about urban decay, and aims to pull the people back to the city center. L.I.F.E. is an illuminating frame that allows for making new experiences and memories. It stands for Luminous Interactive Frame Experience, but the Interactive part wasn’t there…

  • VDMA Light

    VDMA Light

    The city of Eindhoven wants more light in the VDMA building. Currently it’s a dark and not very inviting place. VDMA Light introduces several intelligent lightning plans, including lightning drones that can follow visitors around, always putting them in the spotlight. Team: Tom Veeger, Oleg Fedorin VDMA Light presentation

  • vBrush


    What if you can make your time more useful during everyday habits? vBrush is an interactive toothbrush, connecting to your smartphone. It lets you play games, see other people’s toothbrushing habits, and you could even learn a new language. Team: Mohsen Saleh, Paul Kemper, Hannah Beck, Brian Boersen, Gudule Martens, Frederike Manders vBrush presentation

  • Farm-it


    Farm-it, the app that supports busy people growing veggies. Growing quality food by yourself, planting and seeding your favourites without using pesticides is not easy for busy people. We want to assist and suggest them with this app. The app is working on health quality, city pollution, manages the excess food by trading/exchange harvest and…

  • Firefly


    Painting with sound; making aesthetic images using sound as input. Remote control toy cars are hacked to be wirelessly controlled by an Arduino microprocessor. The cars are triggered by sound to navigate. Moving around the LED light equipped RC cars produces images that are recorded with time-lapse photography. The concept is also targeted at education:…

  • Bat Sense

    Bat Sense

    Science Hack Day 2014 – Digital Health Prize Bat Sense is a device that interprets data in any of the visual domain and translates this information to tactile or the audio domain. Developed especially for the blind and the visually impaired. Team: Dick Jansen, Chilo van Best, William David Edwards, Stephan Mulder, Richard van Erven,…