De leegstand voorbij

De leegstand voorbij

Smarter matching supply and demand.

The team looked for an answer to the problem of a vacant location (in this case) at a farm in Bladel. The solution was to co-creatively bring supply and demand together.

A platform was devised to display a location’s characteristics. It’s all about matching the initiator’s proposal with what the owner has to offer.

Although there was little technical knowledge within the team they still managed to hack a rudimentary website together including the inputs and <I’m looking for a location>.

It is possible under to input as many relevant location characteristics as possible. Interested parties are then quickly able to get an insight into how good a match there is between their concept and what is allowed and/or possible at a particular location.

In this way inappropriate proposals can be quickly filtered out.

Also interesting is the option to trigger local residents to join in the process. They have the possibility to react offline.

Team: Wessel, Geert-jan, Dennis, Sumintra, Kimberly, Chris, Daniel en Joost. They won the 2nd prize.

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