Science Hack Day Eindhoven 2016 – Mobility prize winner

DNI, the DNA of your Identity stored in a blockchain and belongs to you: your ID, your milestones, your trades. Fully encrypted. You own i,t so you control it. It is us authorising companies and governments to use it. Systems will change, we will change, the economy will change; it will become our world, a new world.

We imagine a DNI blockchain in the form of an interconnected tattoo-chip-embedded system or any physical shape you want. We are the owners of the blockchain infrastructure and the core data. It also enables and provides open source platforms to create personal profiles and individual dashboards. Feedforwarding of items that are important to you for decision making and sharing.

DNI will give you control of your digital Identity and the full awareness of your digital presence in the data landscape.

Team: Amanda Jansen, Paul Gielen, Pieter Verhees

DNI presentation