Perception and actual data combined.

The team established that an initiator has to deal with several layers of rules and regulations around each location. In addition there are interested parties whose viewpoint has to be taken into account in order to create support for a plan. This lead to the following solution:

To begin with the various regulations concerning a site were visualised. This can be made instantly accessible on a website or via an app.

The composition of the population around the location and the status of other relevant initiatives can also be seen.

Finally all the fors and againsts per proposal are presented so that a discussion can take place on the basis of arguments.

All the information from various sources is combined at a single online location. This gives the people concerned a complete picture of how a proposal works in practice. In Lalalaw data, opinions and perceptions are combined.

Team: Juanita, Maarten, Marc, Bart, Thomas en Niels. They won the 1st prize.

Redesign hackathon website

Quick video to present the idea of the app

Website of the prototype