Smell of Data

Science Hack Day Eindhoven – Startup Summer School + 2nd prize

The sense of smell has helped early humans to survive. But since our hunting and gathering has moved to the digital environment our noses can’t warn us anymore for the lurking dangers of the online wilderness. The Smell of Data will become a new smell that instinctively warns internet users in case of data leaks by releasing a warning signal when personal data are at stake.
The Smell of Data is a project in which science, technology and design meet. During the Science Hack Day we built our very first working prototype. It consists of a piece of software and modified scent vaporisers. It starts puffing and blowing smell when the user visits a website via an unencrypted connection, or when the user is connected to an insecure WiFi Hotspot.
Team: Leanne Wijsma, Jip de Beer, Robert van Leeuwen