Tag: Living Data Challenge

  • Festival 4 Changemakers

    Festival 4 Changemakers

    To make a bigger impact on society, DoEindhoven aims to bring changemakers together by organizing a festival. The festival will have a community art project at the end, namely an interactive wall. You input your needs and ideas, ad the wall will match you to another changemaker, giving chances for networking. Team: Yama Saraj, Joep…

  • Happiness Machine

    Happiness Machine

    Living Data Game Challenge 2016 – 1st prize The Happiness Machine combines data and physical components. It uses open data from the government, social media, and an app to determine how happy neighborhoods are. By improving social interaction, data is gathered for the Happiness Machine, resulting in an index per neighborhood. This can be projected on large…

  • Open Politics

    Open Politics

    Living Data Game Challenge 2016 – 2nd prize Beyond Data follow-up winner With a website and applications, Open Politics hopes to make people more interested and participative in local politics. Most information about what is decided for your neighborhood is not available to the public, but with the website and applications from Open Politics, citizens…

  • E-Waste Eradicators

    E-Waste Eradicators

    Living Data Game Challenge 2016 – 3d prize E-Waste is valuable, as it can be recycled and components reused. However, only one third of it gets recycled! The E-Waste Eradicators came up with the E-Waste Arcade to solve this problem. By gathering old electronic waste and throwing it in the Arcade, you get rewarded with…

  • MEET the CHAIR

    MEET the CHAIR

    Living Data Game Challenge 2016 – extra prize Get to know your neighbors better with a smart object placed in public space. Meet a Chair made a prototype, measuring whether someone is interacting with the object or not, and whether interaction between two or more people is taking place. The goal here is to stimulate…

  • The Living City

    The Living City

    Urban decay – the city is empty. The Living City wants to get the community back downtown by making more gaming opportunities. These opportunities make the town fun again, creating more social experiences, pulling the people back to town. Facebook page Team: Yoád David Luxembourg, Sophie van Oevelen, Marcel Goethals

  • Health & Vitality

    Health & Vitality

    Living Data City Challenge 2015 – 1st prize App that offers Air Quality Mapping related to travel advise, route planning, and gathering more sensor data with bicycles. Assuring air quality is a major challenge in today’s big cities. In order to tackle this problem, public awareness needs to be raised in order to enable behavioral…

  • IdentiTrash


    Living Data City Challenge 2015 – 1st prize Web & App that provides waste information from citizen perspective, in such detail that more awareness, ownership and competition become reality. Garbage is valuable, even more if sorted. It can be burned to generate electricity and heat, making it a sustainable energy source. We separate our trash;…

  • Dik voor Elkaar

    Dik voor Elkaar

    Living Data City Challenge 2015 – Shared 3rd prize Web app that identifies and advises on levels of obesity in neighbourhoods. Where levels are high, effort is needed to provide more green, playgrounds, social activities, education, etc. We strongly believe that social isolation, cooking culture and lack of exercise are the main causes of obesity.…

  • CouldBee


    Living Data City Challenge 2015 – Shared 3rd prize App using Virtual Reality to project Garden designs and elements on top of the realtime situation video image. CouldBee is an easy to use tool to envision your garden as a lush landscape, filled with flowers, birds and butterflies, and make it a reality. Simply point…